How I found TFP


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Sep 15, 2007
"I'd like to know how you found TFP."

Turn left once you get to the BS at some other site! :!:

Only joking!
Since buying a house with a pool I have been to many pool sites as a result of Google searches.
Some good some not, but most had the same problem! A question posted in 2004 is still in the most recent category, and still had not been answered. During my latest search for information about my water testing, I saw a post at another site from a user who gave this link for "great test kits". When I got here I completely forgot the question I was here for and instead spent hours reading all the information shared by your users. Even after hours of reading - I was still reading "recent" posts and seeing answers to people that actually helped me as well. A Great site, made better by a good group of users. My thanks again!

P.S. I found it humorous that your spell checker Flagged "TFP"
I clicked on the LEARN button so maybe it won't flag it in the future.

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Apr 8, 2007
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Great to have you here. We intend to enlighten as many as possible.

Most people do not enjoy spending time on their pools - WE aim to spend time enjoying our pools!