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May 4, 2017
Hi. I am just changing over to the TFP lifestyle. LOL! I currently don't have a SWG. How hard is it to change over? Is it worth doing? What's the most budget friendly option for my 13,500 gallon AG pool?

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Well, you don't have to crawl under your pool to install it! (I had to crawl under a deck but ymmv.) You can use the search feature to look at previous answers to this question, but here is a comparison link: Compare Salt Pool Chlorine Generators - Price - Capacity - Chlorine Output - Warranty. Yes, it is by a manufacturer so their products are featured first. I installed a CP last year after several years with an Intex. I am very happy with the service, price and performance. One thing to remember is that many manufacturers protect the service side of the business by not honoring a warranty unless it is installed by a "pool professional". Nothing wrong with having someone else do it, but since you seem interested in getting your hands wet, it becomes a significant price differential.
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