How do you not strangle nonbelievers that you love?


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Jun 20, 2010
Binghamton NY
Our journey from green to clean is complete, after removing hair plugs, replacing the filters often and of course keeping the chlorine level up. DH has been unusually helpful in replacing filters and hauling bleach, since my arm is still giving problems. At the sight of a clear blue pool yesterday he was quite pleased with himself (mind you, we've had a pool for 6 years). "Isn't it amazing that we can go from a swamp to that! just with me changing the filters!". I replied it isn't magic, there are precise chemical balances at work here... and recited all of the test levels, and how much bleach raised the ppm of chlorine to what level, and where that related to the various chemical levels in our pool. :blah: He just replied "huh!" and beamed at the pool as if it happened by magic and his own sweat. :hammer:

(I should have let it stay yucky for a few more days, he had agreed to a filter/pump upgrade)


Apr 6, 2010
hurricane deep south
LOL. That the work I do is not MAGIC is a conversation I've had more often this past year with selling/buying/moving, esp with the kids. There was a period where I got petulant and let things slide or left things half done so people could see there was work in progress (not the pool). I don't recommend this route, it made my family anxious, and me as well. Probably what has worked the best is to have them escort me and keep me company while I work. Maybe what's missing - the real key is that I don't take as much pride in my work as some people naturally do - I'm just glad it's done and move on to the next problem/project!


I thought we were going to start talking religion here :cool:

I had a buddy and his wife stop over yesterday. I remodeled his pool some years back, and he struggles with it. His wife says "Bruce, your pool looks beautiful; you must spend an awful lot of time on it". I told her "yup, I do; probably close to 10-15 minutes a week"! She looks at hubby, he looks at me and says "I never did go on that site that you told me about, but I do go to Leslie's a lot and pick up shock and algaecide and other stuff that they sell, but my pool never really clears up. In fact, I have foam in it now"!

Waddya gonna do?! He has a bad temp sensor so I will probably go replace that for him this week and see if I can get him to get on the site then.......