How do you get good circulation/where is your ladder?


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Aug 20, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
I pulled our ladder last night and noticed that it massively increased the circulation of our pool, at least on the surface. Prior to finding TFP, I had asked our pool store about sediment on the floor and she said maybe our circulation wasn't that great, so to move the jet a bit. I did some research and bought a large eye (1in opening) b/c I read that could help the sucking/vortex happening near the return fairly often. It did lower my psi from around 17 to 14, so that's helpful.

But now I'm worried the larger eye is not good for circulation (read that in another post). Or maybe it's just our ladder placement. It's roughly 8 feet to the left of the skimmer, and the return flows in the opposite direction. We have a confer step 1 ladder, so water does go behind it, supposedly to prevent stagnant water. Water level is typically well above the return and about 2/3 up the skimmer opening.
pool deck J.jpg

How is your AGP set up? How is your circulation?