How do I begin? Bestway 16 x 10 x 42


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Jul 12, 2020
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Hi! This is my first post but TFP has been so valuable to me while we try to get our first pool up correctly. It finally went up yesterday and will finish filling today - so far so good! After that I have no clue what I’m doing. :oops: Sorry if this is lengthy

It comes with a 1000/gal filter pump and cartridge. The directions only say to unscrew the air purge valve until water comes out then screw it closed. Is that really it?

Is there a particular testing kit or set of chemicals I need to get before we use the pool?

How much should I be running the pump? Cover it every night? What else do I use to keep it clean? A brush, skimmer? Is there any kind of heater or hack that can be used on a pool like this to get us a little extra time this season?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, welcome to TFP! We recommend a good quality test kit such as the Taylor K2006 or the [] TF100 [/url]. We also have the PoolMath - Trouble Free Pool that will help you calculate how much of any chemical to add to your pool. You need a brush and skimming net and a vacuum.

Yes just bleed out the air in the cap on the pump/filter combo and then close it when only water comes out.

Some of our members upgrade from the standard equipment and add a larger pump and filter and through the wall skimmer. There are also pool heaters available in all price ranges. The gas powered heaters are going to generate the most heat, but they are also the most expensive. They make solar heaters for above ground pools in a variety of price ranges.

Since you do not have a through the wall skimmer at this time you only need to run the pump enough to mix your chemicals, so I would say a couple of hours a day. I would not cover it every night unless you have a lot of debris blow into the pool.
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