How do I adjust ladder height?


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Jun 26, 2015
Concord, CA
Scored some cake steps and a sturdy ladder off a Facebook swap group for $50 yesterday. We've adjusted the ladder height down, but there are 2 poles that go under it and I'm not sure how they work. Do I need to cut them down?

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Jul 10, 2012
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I am not sure what the poles are you are talking about. Can you share a pic please?

Do you have the pole that goes in the wedding cake steps?



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Aug 14, 2013
south east Arizona
I had a ladder like that a long time ago (not the exact one, but similar and with the two support poles). The ladder platform gets fastened to the top rail of the pool usually by a couple of bolts and the two support poles go on the outside of the pool between the pool wall and the outer steps (which may be removable or rotate up out of the way for "safety") They are strange and wobbly and I always hated that ladder. It is not safe to be free standing, even with the support poles, you have to fasten it to the pool itself in some way. The support poles should be pretty easy to cut with a hack saw or even a pruning saw but make sure you want to do it as it may be hard to find anything else that will fit in the frame and the base.

The view in your photo has the outer ladder facing the photographer, the side that goes in the pool is towards the back. I am not sure that ladder will work with an Intex because of the need to bolt the platform to the top rail. I am using the part of mine that was removable in combination with a Confer stair. I just put some pool noodle/foam pipe insulation at the top where it leaned against the pool rail and it worked fine for two years. I am going to try switching the stairs to the outside and the ladder part inside since it is easier to clean.