How accurate must be DPD dipper amount??


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Oct 14, 2008
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Its hard to measure exactly one dipper because of the granular nature of the powder

In another forum, our tireless expert Chem Geek wrote that the precise amount is NOT IMPORTANT
QUOTE just need to add enough powder to get a decent color. Any extra won't require more drops. Think of the powder as a dye (which it is) -- you need enough to see the color, but the dye is just indicating ANY presence of chlorine while the drops are removing chlorine so having more dye won't matter since it still won't show any pink if there is no chlorine left (because you've titrated it all away).

In fact, after I read this and tested using one dipper and two dippers, the difference was only one drop to get clear liquid.

This seems of interest to many because it means we can use 1/2 as much DPD powder.

Can someone re-confirm that this is correct?



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Jan 6, 2010
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At least two of us here have gotten poor results from skimping on the powder. It's discussed here. I don't use two scoops, but I make sure I use a heaping scoop and it's a pretty deep pink with a few undissolved crystals before I'll start counting drops.


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May 7, 2007
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Adding too much is just fine, within reason. You can use too little and have problems. How much is too little depends on what your FC level is. Higher FC levels require more powder.