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Apr 2, 2007
Round Rock, TX
I already have a reputation of being fair but tough. Before the pool I've sent kids home because they couldn't conduct themselves in a proper manner. I've sent parents home along with their kids too. My kids are compliant for the most part. They also know that if their friends come over and can't listen that not only will the friends go home, not be able to come over again, but they too lose all privileges. I have no problems enjoying my pool while my kids are staring out the window crying.


sorry to bring up such and OLD thred but i need to ask this.

Is there a reason you guys have such strict rules?

my rules consist of...

dont swim alone or at least have someone on the side watching.

people who cant swim stay out of the pool area, area out of the fence in the back yard ( i am double fenced)

have fun

be nice

we have no set hours, heck my two oldest sons (16 and 20) swam until 4 a.m. one night, figure who cares, my yard , neighbors complain i say my house, my rights.

we have kids from all over the neighborhood come and swim, even though almost every house has a pool we are the only ones with enough liability insurance so we would not go broke if someone sued us, that covers the pool, cars, boat and house. so if anyone is injured using our stuff or on our property we are safe. So only on an ocasion our little kids go and swim at their fiends house across the street, kinda un fair but since my rules are light it does not bug me much.

also the adults being home thing i sort of under stand, my two driving kids sometimes come with friends to swim when me and the wife are at work, we just make sure they follow the rules and check the security cams every once and a while to make sure their not wrecking the house.

but the set hours is what surpirses me, none of my kids have chores, just homework sometimes and all i care is it gets done dont care when they do it so pool is free when ever just as long as they do good in school, i dont under stand that, can someone fill me in? any one (who lives in my house) can swim when they please just as long as there is atleast two of them. my kids bring friends over all the time to swim, dont bother me, i think its great their social, and when their parents want them to come home, they do. the limit i dont understand also, why a limit of 6 i mean we have over 20-25 people in our pool at once alot. nobody seemed to bump each other and we all had fun.

but i dont know, do i seem like to "light" of rule person, should i be stricter??