Hot tub cover clips are broken, need better idea


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Mar 24, 2015
Hello, I own a 2004 Tiger River Hot Tub. The clips on the cover were broken, so I bought a replacement kit, and did the technique whereby I used a wire cutter to clip a small opening in the replacement clip, so that I could attach it to the sewn leather straps on the cover. This worked well for a while, but sometimes my guests and kids open the hot tub cover, and forget to detach the straps first, and I these replacement clips are now breaking and failing.

Outside of buying a new cover, does anyone have a better idea?

I saw these as an option: EasyKlip Spa Cover Tie-Down Kit

I also have seen where people put a new strap "system" in place, whereby a wide strap goes over the hot tub cover, but the strap itself is not connected to the cover.

Example #1:

Example #2:

I am open to any and all ideas and feedback


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
Is it mostly the rear straps getting broken due to your cover lift?

Mine were broken repeatedly as the wife and kids would unlatch the front and then open it up and break the rear straps. They actually sell a solution that will eliminate that problem, I made my own.

I used two quick release lashing straps and removed the buckles. Using a small screw type chain link connector I attached the loop on the end of the straps to the loops of my rear lid straps. I cut the extra length off, just long enough the straps could reach the base and fastened the bottom end of the straps to the tub base using a screw and washer. Now I can simply unlatch the front, lift the cover and flip it back. The rear straps still hold the lid securely when closed but are long enough they just slide back then go slack as the cover is opened. As the lid is pulled closed the straps tighten right back into place and the lid is secured.

Here is a video that shows how they work, the straps are covered at about :18 seconds in.
Coverliftinstruction - YouTube
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