Holes for safety fence or cover?


Apr 21, 2015
Wilmington, NC
Hey everyone, trying to figure out if these holes are for a safety fence or a pool cover. We have two little ones now so looking to put up a safety fence. Trying to see if I can use these for the safety fence since they surround the pool. If so, are the holes universal or does it require a specific fence model. Thanks!



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Jun 23, 2017
Look like anchors for a safety cover, similar to mine, not sure if you could also use them for a safety fence but I would assume they wouldn't be good, or fit for that.

Using an allen key you can raise the inner part up and the safety covers loops hook on to them, then they can be screwed down as that is now so its safe to walk over without tripping.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
The hole you are looking at takes an Allen wrench that turns it to screw it out of the ground to hold anchors for a cover. You can’t support a fence pole in it.


May 14, 2019
Woodbridge, VA
Safety cover anchors.

You use a hex key to screw them up out of the socket to hold the straps for the cover.

I doubt you could use them to support a fence. They only extend about an inch. If you get real creative you might be able to fabricate posts with screws on the bottom that fit the screw sockets but I'd be worried about them skewing and wrenching the sockets out of the concrete if someone leaned against one or in really high winds. They only go down about an inch and are just pressure-fitted into the holes.