High TA

I have a 15x 42 deep (approx. 4400 gal) intex pool.

My TA is at 340 which I know is WAY high. I was wondering a couple of things.

1st what is the importance of TA?

If the TA is that high is there a risk to swimmers?

I know last year this ran high as well, right around the same, I don't seem to have a problem with keeping my ph in check... it is 7.2 now , I only had algae once last year and that was because I let my FC drop to zero.

If I need to adjust my TA what is the best way to go about this, I would use Muriatic Acid.
I have read about arrigating and would not know how to do this with my pool type.


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Hi d-i ,

Total alkalinity indicates the water's ability to buffer PH changes.

You will get a lot of good info if you read the stickies. They are located at the top of each page in the sub-heading. Also a link in my sig. There is also one specifically for lowering your TA.

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High TA isn't at all a problem in and of it's self. There are two problems that can result from high TA levels. First, PH will tend to rise quickly. If you don't keep the PH under control it can cause problems. Seconds, high TA levels raise the calcium saturation, so it can contribute to calcium scaling.