May 13, 2018
I just got a new liner installed about 2 weeks ago and filled the 35,000 gallon pool with well water that is high with iron/ copper, my pool guy also added some Algicide to the pool as it was filling up.
I had leftover chlorine pucks (etraBlue) and put them in the feeder thinking it would help with the CYA, but it seems to have sky rocketed my TA. After reading on TFP all the issues with extraBlue Chorine pucks and iron/copper water I stopped using the feeder.

I've been slowly adding muriatic acid to bring the PH and TA down over the past 4 nights and then aerating the pool to bring the PH back up, i'm using the bucket with polly fill also to try to catch any of the iron. I can get the PH to go down but not much of the TA.

For a while I had 0 FC,, CC, CYA so I've been slowly adding stabilizer, and added 2gallons of liquid chlorine yesterday.
My numbers this morning
FC= 4.8

Is it safe to swim in the pool with high TA levels(kids can't wait to swim)?
How do I bring my TA down and is it hard on the pool equipment (pump,filter, heater) to have such high numbers?


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May 3, 2014
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TA is not a significant water chemistry value in your situation. You have little chance of scale with your low CH. TA will put pressure on your pH to rise. Simply lower your pH using muriatic acid each time the pH reaches 8.

TA was not added by using trichlor.

Maintain the FC based on your CYA using the FC/CYA Chart

TA has no effect on the safety of swimming in the pool.


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Great job getting that junk out of the pool water, you really do not want copper in there..

Send them kiddoes in the pool it will be fine...

Your TA will come down as you continue to drop the PH... With a TA of 250 as you see the PH will raise fast and then drop it back to 7.. it is not hard on the pool equipment... some people have TA in the 500 range from there fill water...

When testing FC use the 10ml mark and times by 0.5, it uses less reagent and it will last longer... you will get 4.5 or 5 FC instead of 4.8 but that is fine for what we are doing.. FAS-DPD Chlorine Test - Trouble Free Pool

it is safe to swim if :

You can see the bottom of the pool
The FC is at or below SLAM level for your CYA FC/CYA Chart
the temp is above 20 degrees, some like the polar bear challenge :)
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