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Oct 17, 2018
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Yesterday, I added several pounds of dichlor shock to get FC up to shock level, in preparation for closing on Monday. A lot of leaves blew into the pool overnight which apparently caused havoc with my water chemistry because it is showing a CC level of 1.5 now. It also showed that I lost at least 2 ppms of chlorine overnight. Water looks crystal clear and FC was high so I was surprised to see that. If leaves can cause CC to increase that much, I don’t know how I’m going to get rid of the CC before closing because I can’t keep leaves out of my pool right now. The leaf problem is so bad that I have to dump my skimmer basket out twice a day and I’m spending 30 minutes a day removing leaves with a net. Do I need to be worried about the high CC level since I’m closing on Monday with polyquat and my water is clear? I really don’t have time to do a lengthy SLAM right now because I need FC to drift down some before closing on Monday to add the polyquat. Could I get rid of the CC any other way other than doing a SLAM? I’ve heard that MPS non-chlorine shock can reduce CC levels but I wasn’t sure if it would be advisable to use that.

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I wouldn't look at the elevated CC level alone as an indication that you would need to SLAM. It does show your chlorine is working overtime to kill organics, and if you aren't getting much sunlight to burn it off, it will take longer. Keep the FC a bit elevated and keep the water exposed to sunlight and hopefully you'll see that CC level begin to fall.
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