Hi, My Name is Dave from California!


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Feb 19, 2021
I have also had this Pentair Rebel for about the 3rd Season, and up till now I have replaced the drive spool on this 3 times already do to the same condition and problems that others have experienced! I run my vacuum for 6 hrs a day on the lowest setting speed on my pentair Intelliflo vs --- Pump. The splines get worn to easily! After that will be the teeth on the wheels itself tend to make a wear pattern. It would be nice if these drive parts could be made out of a more durable plastic or polycarbonate!


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
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Huh, I've been running my Rebel for more that three years and I haven't had to do a thing to it. It might need some new treads soon, but that's it so far (I'm still on the first set). Here's what's different:

- I optimized the flow rate through the vac using the flow meter that came with the vac, and the ability to do so with my variable speed pump. It's nowhere near low speed, though. It's 2300 RPM.

- I have an actuator and three-way valve that runs the vac. It shares a little of the flow with the skimmer, but mostly it is all vac. So it gets all the flow (suction) it needs.

- I run it everyday, but only for 1.5 hours.

I can't say for sure your low-flow six-hour MO is causing the issues you're having, but it very much sounds like you're not running it as it was designed.

That said... welcome to TFP! We'll do our best to sort this out for you...


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Dave and Welcome !! This place is a tinkerers paradise. From chemistry to robots to, well, if you have the tinker bug, it never stops does it?