Hi, from PA


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Jun 26, 2008
Hi everybody. My name is Butch and I am from Lewisberry PA.
We have a 33K Plaster pool with an attached SPA. I started the BBB
Thing this year and all is well. Well the CYA level is a little on the high side
but I'm working on that and adjusting accordingly. I learn about this site from the poolforum.com
which ironically I have not been able to successfully sign up for. I just wanted to thank everyone from both forums, I have learned much from my lurking...
Thank you again and have a great summer.


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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
Butch, welcome to TFP!!

There are a number of folks here from PF, if you need one of us to search for something you remember there, but can't find - just ask and one of us will use the search function there to get you the info - not that most of the same good info isn't available here :wink:

BTW - I went to prep school in Pottstown