Help with steps decision


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Jun 17, 2020
Hi Everyone,

My son has a rare disease and my wife and I need to do therapy to keep him mobile. We need to get in and out of the pool safe so I made a deck from the house to the pool. I am looking at wedding cake steps that work with sand coping and are good. Just wondering if anyone has used these? I am getting both sections.

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Aug 24, 2016
Houston area
We bought both sections. The curve on the right interferes pretty badly with flow in the pool We got rid of the curve this year and still have the main step part, which has flow-through supports. They do float and I haven’t Yet found a way to consistently hold them in the water, but that seems to be a fairly universal issue with a lot of these


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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
Mine are similar (white and not curved, but similar)

Get the weights - especially if you are in Toronto and are going to take them out in the winter. It is a lot easier to detach the weights and take them out, and then take out unweighted step than it is to take out steps full of sand.

On the topic of sand, I fill my weights with pea gravel, not sand. Over the years (5 or so) my weights have developed small leaks. Sand would have come out of these holes, pea gravel stays in the weights where it belongs.

There are people who make their own weights - old bleach jugs, sections of PVC, etc. For the $25 or so I paid for the weights that actually fit on the stairs, it was worth it.

It looks lije those stairs have some sort of feet on them. Mine came with 'skids' made of plastic that go on the bottom. Mine were attached with zip ties. Well, zip its and chlorine lead to broken zip ties. Every other week or so a skid would be floating around the pool. I finally just took them off and left them off. I use a set pad under the the stairs to protect the liner.

I am happy with them. They have held up well, and are easy to clean. Most of the time I clean around them and vacuum the treads. Ever so often I get in the pool and lift the stairs up a foot or so, and somebody else pull out the pad and brushes and vacuums under the stairs.