Help with pool cover repair


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Jun 8, 2012
Long Island, NY
Hello all,

I have a Coverpools automatic pool cover, installed under the coping two years ago when the pool was built. Recently, I noticed two tiny holes (?possibly by a stray cat watering itself after rain?) in one end of the cover which allows small amount of pool water to seep through when the pool is covered (cover unretracted). I could not find the piece of the cover given to me by the installers (I must have thrown it out). I just spoke to someone at Coverpools customer service who is sending out a small piece of the fabric to me. I have to glue a small piece of the fabric to patch the two small holes. Does anyone know/recommend the type/brand of glue that I could use? Can I use crazy glue?



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May 7, 2012
As twmackey said, your pool cover dealer should have some vinyl, water-resistant glue that we supply. If the holes are small enough (smaller than a pin hole), you can use the glue by itself without the patch. Contact Cover-Pools if you need to know who your dealer is.