Help picking coping color


Aug 29, 2019
Cabot, AR
We have our final meeting with PB early next week to finalize all the details and we are so confused on how to do the coping. Free form pool with Latham gray mosaic liner, gray steps.
We've like some pools with no stained coping, concrete to the edge; some are really dark to match the dark gray steps, and other coping is somewhere in between. The "in between" is where we are leaning at the moment (see last pic). For the wife it's all about what looks best with the gray steps, basically where they don't stand out. We've seen plenty of pools with gray mosaic liner and gray steps but seem most have the plastic white/gray coping or they have the stained concrete coping but with the vinyl over steps. Couple pics before we get started, and yes the big tree is coming down.
Such a great site, thanks for any input.
I'll start a construction thread when we get closer in about a month.



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Jul 25, 2019
Hanover, PA
We are in the process of building a pool with the same liner and steps. We went with a charcoal gray paver coping. The steps don't seem to stand out at all. Our deck is being poured next week. Just had the coping installed on Monday. We are extremely happy with how it looks.

IMG-1410-2.jpg IMG-1411-2.jpg


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Jul 16, 2019
Walnutport, PA
We also have a grey liner and grey steps. I don't think it is a WOW difference with the grey steps against the standard white concrete. We did opt for cantilever coping. This isn't the best to show it side by side, but all I had on me at the moment. This is in full sun.

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