Help! New pool installed newbie questions


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Jul 27, 2010
Portland, Tennessee
1. Doughboy AGP 16x32 with deep well just installed. When I walk on the (very slippery) bottom it is like walking in the sand at the beach, leaving foot this normal??
2. Advertised 7 ft deep end, only got 6 ft. installer said my pool is too small to get 7 feet with flat bottom. Is this true?
3. How do you stabilize the ladder?

Thanks for the great posts, I have a lot to learn!

Pool is 10 ft of 4' deep, then drops to 6 ft with a two foot wide 4 ft deep border along the inside. Hope that makes sense....


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

It takes the sand a couple of days to settle and pack down after the pool is first filled.

It is possible to get a flat bottomed 7 ft deep end, but it won't be very large. The walls do need to slope down once you are below the first four feet, so the deeper you go the smaller the flat area at the bottom. They could have made the 4 foot deep border area around the edge somewhat narrower, though some of it needs to be there, which would have allowed at least some 7 ft deep area.

There are various tricks to use with various ladders. What kind do you have? A picture would be ideal.