Help in chosing an Intex AGP


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Jun 23, 2010
I am planning on purchasing the 15' x 48" Metal-Frame Swimming Pool. Heard many stories about how the liner gets hole easily and it will not last more than a summer. Is this true? Or is there a way i can keep the liner in good shape. What recommendations do you have as far as this pool goes? :? I have 4 kids who will be playing in it (Ages 6 to 13), is this big enough??


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Feb 18, 2010
Houston, TX
We had an Intex 15x48 for 3-4 years a few years back.

The bad - the filtration is really inadequate for the pool.

The good - we never had any trouble with holes, and it was up year round. Somehow, when we were putting it up, a stick got wedged underneath the liner and was pushing into it. In the entire time the pool was up, it never punched through. Obviously though, don't leave something like that underneath it.

IMO, it would be fine for 4 kids playing in it, but you could always go a little bigger if you want.

Also, remember it's not how big the pool is, it's only important that you (they) enjoy it!


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Aug 1, 2008
Mendota Heights, MN
Bigger is better! or so I have been told.
Really, we wish that the Intex 20' or 24' had been available last year when we bought ours.
Look close at the Ultra-Frame, the material seems heavier, the frame is definitely stronger and it just looks better.
Here is the 24', the 20' 18' and the 16' ... l/13012217 ... l/12566372 ... ockType=G4 ... l/13012214
They also make several rectangular models also.
I have not had a single problem with either of my metal framed pools, did have a few problems with the easyset (blow up ring) models.
Good Luck and enjoy whatever pool you purchase!!


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Aug 13, 2009
Hattiesburg, MS
We had the 18X52 a couple of summers ago and the only issue was the filtration. I would rocommend INTEX pools too if asked. has good deals on the INTEX's right now, but I would definately recommend a AGP filter system by Hayward, Sandman, Stay-Rite, or another top brand and hard plumb. My brother did this with his intex and he is very happy now. Seems the filters sold with the pools just can't step up to the challenge of keeping your water clear and clean. Also, to keep your electric bill low, look into investing in a 2 speed pump and run it on low. You can get a pump/sand filter combo at most online pool stores for less than $400.00. Big chunk of change compared to the price for the pool structure itself, but money well spent as it will make your pool care much easier and less frustrating. I wouldn't use the filter system that came with the pool for a blowup 2 footer. We were replacing filter cartriges weekly and still couldn't get our water balanced. That was before I discovered TFP, so you may want to PM some intex owners and see what they are running too.

Good luck


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Jul 28, 2008
Former 18' owner here and I can echo the same sentiments as others.

Filtration is HORRIBLE on the Intex pools. I purchased a used Sand filter and pump off craigslist and it made a world of difference.

I can also tell you with 4 kids you are going to want a bigger pool. As I mentioned we had the 18' and when 4 of us were in there with any kind of floats or what not the pool was very cramped. If you can go 18 or 24 you would be so much happier.

Also the Ultra series of Intex is a lot nicer than the standard series. Of course a lot of this comes down to money and space.

Intex is a great place to start though.


EDIT - No matter what you MUST budget for a TF100 test kit and the BBB Method. This will ensure you get good quality water. Until I came here both of our old Intex pools drove us nuts!


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Jul 20, 2009
S. California
We find that our 18'x42" is just right for our two kids and the few friends who stop by to swim. 15' would be too small. FYI, even though the 1500GPM Intex pump/filter is not very impressive, I find that if I leave it running 24/7 it does just fine keeping the pool clean. I also vacuum at least once a week.

This is our second summer with the Intex pool and all is well, no holes at all.

Enjoy :)

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