Help ID and replacement of Aqua Rite SWG model and board


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Mar 2, 2011
You have at least 1 bad rectifier which caused the board to burn on the relay. It will damage the board again and most likely the cell as well. I can not warranty the repair unless you replace the rectifier set.
In my opinion, the rectifiers are fine and they are not responsible for the burn spots.

People get the burned solder joints because of the high amperage and a weak solder point.

I don't know of anyone who had to replace the rectifiers.

I don't see any way that they can diagnose bad rectifiers without having the rectifiers to test.

I don't know why they would even think that the rectifiers caused the problem.

In any case, did you ever try using a telephone type cord plugged into the flow switch plug to see if the No Flow light goes out?

Do not leave the phone cord plugged in. It is only a brief test.

Note that the No Flow light will blink for about 30 seconds when it detects flow.

If the No Flow light is solid, that means that there's no flow.


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Mar 15, 2014
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JamesW Thanks for the help. I'll take your word on the rectifiers, the good news is my impatience only cost me $30 ;).

I want to make sure I understand the telephone wire test for the flow sensor.

C0d3Sp4c3 said --
"Get an old telephone cord and twist together the wires on one end. Disconnect the cell and power on the board. Plug in the hacked tel cord to the board.
The no flow led should blink and then off. Disconnect the tel cord, the no flow led should lit steadily. If this is true, the no flow circuitry on the board is operational."

I don't understand - "disconnect the cell and power on the board"? If I disconnect power on the board, how will I get any readout at all?

Will it work if I just unplug the flow sensor telephone connection, and plug in the hacked telephone wire to the connection, but do not disconnect the cell or board power?

Last week, when I was there, I removed the flow sensor, with pump off, and power on to the SWG, then pinched the flow sensor contacts together. It continued to indicate "No Flow", how can that happen?


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Jul 1, 2020
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Yes, try that. Don't let the cell run like this. It is only a test. Twist the wires together to simulate a closed switch and plug it in.
Shouldn’t need a telephone cord at all to do this test. Just have to take a small flat head screw driver and insert it into the jack and slightly and carefully press the screwdriver blade towards you. Just have to short those two contacts together in some way shape or form.

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