Help- heating pump location


May 1, 2010
Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies on my cartridge filter questions. I'll go with the larger model.

Now, I have to decide where to locate a heat pump in the next couple of days. I'll locate it outside with at least 2 feet clearance all sides.
The questions are; does it have to be in full sun? If not will an overhang roof effect performance negatively? If so how about open above but lattice in front? I don't want to have the thing front and centre if I can avoid it. Also how loud are these things?



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Sep 9, 2008
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As long as you have the 2 ft clearance for air circulation you will be fine. Don't block the air discharge on top!!
It is just an oversized airconditioner so that is what you can expect for noise (I.e. Maybe not best directly outside a bedroom window).

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