Hello from West Texas


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Mar 27, 2017
West Texas
I've had an above ground pool for a couple of years now. I stopped paying other people for chemical care of my pool and started it myself last year. I'm now looking to switch to a sand filter as I know it's much less work and better filtration. Looking forward to reading threads and finding ideas as well as maybe sharing one or two.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Howdy WxTx40! :handwave:

Your pool filter *may* just be undersized.....but cartridge filters have a lot of positive attributes. They usually work really well....perhaps yours has a problem? Have you cleaned the cartridges lately?

Sand filters work fine, but generally a bit slower to clear a pool if it has problems.

Yippee :flower:


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Welcome from another WestTexan! Mildand County here.

You'll be glad you did this I promise you. Enjoy the forum, and don't be shy when you have questions.