Hello from Tampa, FL! New member here! Trying to traverse upcoming changes to our pool. Most importantly what color Plaster/ water to choose! 😱😱😱

Jeff Uzzle

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Sep 21, 2020
Tampa FL
Really need assistance with Stone scapes, pebble colors! So far we have it narrowed down to TropicsBlue, taho Blue and Midnight blue. With light waves surface tilesAny advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!


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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
Welcome to TFP :)

Hardest part ever, it will all depend on the rest of your pool area and the way the light hits your pool.... Here is a thread that may help :)

Now that you found us stick around and start an under construction thread :)



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May 13, 2020
Tampa, FL
The best resource I found was to search the colors you’re considering on Facebook. Enter the name of what you want and search photos. You will be amazed. Congratulations and I’ll be looking out for the under construction thread.