Hello Everyone - New TFP user


Jun 24, 2020
Wall Township, NJ
Just wanted to stop by and say thanks. Our pool came with the house 38 years ago and needed a new liner. Over the years there has been many service/repair to the pool water and structer. This year I switched to a Aqua rite SWG and thought it would help if I read up some on the best way to use it. The wealth of information here and willingness to help has most impressive. So now after 10-12 weeks I finally have balance SWG operations, stable pool chemistry, what I would call very comfortable water with minimal involvement. Running my Hayward Cell 7-8 hrs a day set at 40% holds a FC level @ 7 and CC 0. ph 7.6, CYA 90, TA 100, CH 75. I'm thinking I should reduce run time or lower to 30% to bring my FC down to 4-6.
The pool water chemistry has been stable like this for about a month. New liner last year.
Thanks again for the help and information.

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Welcome (formally) to TFP. Ha. Nice to hear things are working well for you. You can expect FC usage to drop consider bally as your water temp drops. Soon it will shut down completely. But let us know if you have more SWG questions. Hope your closing goes well and we see you back next season. :swim: