Hayward T-15 Cell Low Amps


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Jun 28, 2021
New Jersey
I'm new to this forum. First, I want to thank the folks who share their knowledge out here. It was helpful to read through and it gave me a few things to check.

I have a Hayward T-15 Cell on a Goldline Aqua Plus system. The Default Menu tells me the Chlorinator is off.

I get these readings when I attempt to do an Instant Salt.
+29.60V (same or similar if negative)
+0.06A (same or similar if negative) <--- I know this is too low.
77F which is close to pool and air temp
0000 PPM <--- I know its not accurate. I'm a little low because we got a lot of rain, but right around 2700 - 2800ppm.

I read a lot of posts out here and while some describe this exact situation as a failing Salt Cell, there are a few that suggest a bad thermistor on the board might be the culprit. I also took the advice of many posts and cleaned the cell. I pulled the circuit board and looked for burn marks. None to be found. No loose components or loose wires.

This cell is about 9 years old so I'm probably at the end of life and I won't be too upset to buy a new one. But if a $6 thermistor is the problem, I'll be upset spending $650 :) On the other hand, I don't want to cut into a perfectly good board to replace the thermistor on speculation if the cell is bad.

Just so I'm clear. Does the thermistor control volts or amps to the cell? If its volts, then I think the thermistor is OK because the voltage seems OK.

Thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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