Hayward Swimpro sand filter help ID correct lateral and standpipe


Jun 27, 2010
Glen Cove, NY
Pulled top to "deep clean" the sand, found the standpipe broken and lateral base cracked. The label on filter is long gone can anyone help ID the correct replacement lateral and sand capacity?

Filter body is 28" tall from ground to top filter body not including valve, 26" diameter at widest point. Lateral is 23" tall.


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Jun 22, 2014
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I suspect you will need the Lateral Assy, Hayward, SW-256T, W/Center Pipe SWX256DA2 as seen on the Inyopools page HERE. That one has dimensions of 23" L X 5.5" W X 5.5" D. The center pipe for the SW236 and SW196T seem too short. But checkout that link above and maybe give Inyopools a call tomorrow to confirm. As for the sand, they can probably confirm the exact amount, but anywhere in the 2/3 range full should work well. Good luck!
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