hayward superpump incorrectly wired?

Jul 15, 2010
probably a REALLY silly question but here goes.

i have a new to me pump that i just finished wiring --220v.

the jumper is on the right 2 prongs, as close as i can get to the 220 line.

when i flip the switch on my intermatic timer the pump runs in reverse for a few seconds and the breaker(s) trip.

the pump is lower than the water level in our AGP.

the pump is full of water, just an half inch (maybe) of air in the top.

filter is set to 'filter' :)

never mind, i'm a complete and utter idiot... :roll:
my mentality was that a jumper needs to 'jump' something, but running 220 it does NOT.
moved the jumper ALL THE WAY to the right, sitting on just one connector and BAM! it's running like a champ.
now to fix all the leaks.

red is on L1, black is on L2, green is on ground.


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May 7, 2007
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Switching the red and black wires would not have any effect. It doesn't matter which is wired to which terminal.

Some motors can be gotten to run backwards by switching around some of the other wires that you aren't normally supposed to touch.