Hayward Pro Grid DE filter — elbow inlet question


May 17, 2016
Fort Worth
I’ve been getting a lot of residual powder at the bottom of the pool, so naturally the first thing I checked was my filter assembly. I was cleaning out my D.E. filter this weekend and had all the grids replaced together because almost all of them had busted “ribs” in the same location. What I’m confused about is that there were no tears in the fabric, which in my experience is usually the cause between that and a bad standpipe o-ring. I have not plumbed it back up yet, but will of course check this.

Before doing that, i noticed the inlet pipe that attaches to the inlet elbow inside on the bottom of the filter was turned at a slight angle, enough to where you could see the junction point between the inlet port and the inlet elbow is certainly not flush. I straightened it out, and now it meets well with the elbow, but it is not tight whatsoever. Is this an issue since water will certainly flow in from the poor union here and not directly to bottom center of the tank where the inlet elbow leads it? Do I need to seal it?

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May 19, 2010
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Water enters the filter through that pipe, so no the DE will not get to the pool that route. The water then goes into all the grids and out through the top manifold. I don't think that being loose will cause any problem because debris will still be outside the grids.
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