hayward pool pump seems to have died


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Jun 30, 2008
Suffolk County, NY
Hey all,

I have a multi-speed hayward pool pump.
Opened a few days ago. Everything was working fine. Of course pool is the usual swamp after opening here :)

Pump was running ok. Then went to backwash. My cheap backwash hose ripped.
So turned off the pump and replaced it. That hose hooks almost to an extended pvc "arm" off the filter.
That can move up and down. I always lift it to put the hose on. I can hear water flowing back into the system through that "arm" but it never seems to effect things.

This time however, when I turned the pump back on to backwash, it ran for about 15 seconds and completely died. No power or sound coming out of it at all.

Is it possible something got back into the pump and got stuck or blew it out?
And if so would it be possible for me to take apart and check?

Or does this type of thing normally require a new pump?

Thanks a million.