Hayward Max-Flo pump slow to prime


Sep 16, 2019
Columbia South Carolina
Hey everyone, new pool owner here- in need of a little crowd knowledge (I actually have several questions and I will ask them in different threads). We have an in-ground 10x20 pool with a main drain and skimmer line. Our pump is a 1 HP Hayward Max-Flo self-priming pump. Sand filter with no external air relief valve. Question is, why is the pump slow to prime? Sometimes we are talking 10+ minutes. Frequently, I will use a drain jet in the skimmer line to prime it. Skimmer basket and pump basket are kept clean. Filter pressure is steady at 12. It is slower to prime the day after I vacuum the pool. Pump runs from 8:30 AM to 8 pm. If I vacuum, it is usually mid afternoon or morning. Pump gasket is clean and in good condition. Lid is tightened down. When pump is running there are only a few bubbles visible in the pump basket. None of the plumbing lines appear to be leaking. When the pump is priming, it will randomly push out air bubbles from the jets. Then stop for a bit, then do it again, and repeat until pump primes. Pump stays primed all day, once started. Water level maintained above 1/2 way up skimmer intake. Return jets are located at stairs and to the right of the ladder. A return for a pressure vac is located on the ladder side about 5' to the right of the other jet. The return has a polaris eyeball jet fitted in the UWF. Any suggestions? Here's a link to a basic picture of the pool: 20190916_144542_HDR.jpg


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Jul 21, 2013
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