Hayward DE filter backwashing


Jul 1, 2020
Revere, Massachusetts
Hi! So now that I have chemicals balanced and my copper gone, we took apart my DE Hawyward filter and clean all the slates out. It was a nice turquoise color! Anyway, that was on Saturday. My PSI is normally between 10-12. I noticed that it started to slowly rise and yesterday it hit 14. I figured there was a lot of Crud still inside and did a quick backwash. More stuff did come on out. My guess is I should have added more DE right? I didn't. Today my PSI jumped another 2 points. Could this be because I didn't have enough DE? I'm just wondering if I should add more. I am such a novice at this. Sorry, if I sound a bit clueless, but I am getting there!

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It's common when you backwash a DE filter that it needs a little "re-charging" to replace any DE lost to waste, at least with a multiport valve set-up. If you have vertical plunger valve there is no loss to waste. My concern now would be the increased pressure and hoping it's not related to algae. Can you post a full set of water test results? Also update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. It will help us later.

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