Hayward automation upgrade Q


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Oct 17, 2020
Tampa area
I am planning to try and upgrade my Hayward Pro-logic system (Aqua plus gold line) Aqua pod to a smarter and app interface (Omni) system.

I currently have a Hayward VS pump (SP3400vsp), propane heater that also has connected and automated via two GVA-24 actuators (each seem to control another 4 valves each?) a spa blower, waterfall feature, wall jet cleaner, spa. It also has 2 of the large RGB LED pool lights and 1 RGB LED spa light. It also runs the GLX-15 salt cell. My system is Hayward top to bottom, installed 2017.
Trying to decide exactly what I need to plan for & budget for an OmniHub or logic system. (We need something easier to use and the aqua pod is not it.)

Also, either my “transformer” or MB is failing on my current system- so my pool svc guy is saying now would be the time to upgrade.

If anyone can give me any guidance I’d appreciate it.
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