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May 29, 2020
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Just bought a house with the Aqua rite salt genterator T-15 cell. It seems that it is constantly generating according to the light and the amp draw no matter what percent it is set to. Is this normal? My pump runs for about 10 hours (variable) the chorine was high about 5 so we turned it off until it dropped for a day or two and got to zero. Turned it back on to 50 to see what happens. So far its back to 1.8. Inly been a day. I just wanted to find out if it should be turning off completly or not. Thanks in advance


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Jun 24, 2011
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When turned on the AquaRite should always have the generation light on even though the unit might not be generating chlorine at the time. The light confirms that you are in a cycle and depending on the percentage it is set to it will generate chlorine for the amount of time for each cycle. At the completion of a cycle the unit reverses the polarity of the cell to act as a cleaning function to help the cell from developing calcium deposits on the cell blades. If you move the switch to the off position then it should turn off the generation light.

Don't turn it off, the pool will develop algae if the chlorine level is too low. Normally, a chlorine level of 5 is not high, with some reading on this site you will learn how we teach to properly balance the pool water. Start reading articles in Pool School starting with this one if you haven't seen it, ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.

Another article for you to read is the sticky thread at the top of the SWG section.