Hayward AGP Cleaners

Jul 25, 2015
Alachua, FL
I'm sure that there are a gazillion threads on this topic. But can someone please let me know if there is a GOOD AGP cleaner out there? I've owned a Hayward unit (Diver Dave) since we installed our pool two years ago. IMO, it's a complete POS. It cleans OK. Not great, but OK. But the most maddening thing about it is the fact that it refuses to stay in motion. It will stop and remain stopped for an extended period of time. This is especially true when it gets to an edge - and it seems to have a guidance system that takes it right TO the edge. It's better than nothing, but only marginally. This behavior is nothing new; the darned thing has behaved this way since the day I took it out of the box.

I don't mind paying good money for something that WORKS. Is there something out there? It's only a 12'x24' pool. But I experience endless frustration trying to keep the bottom clean.

I just looked out my upstairs back bedroom window. The $%#@ing thing is sitting there in the middle of the pool - motionless. I'd love to pump a couple of 12-gauge rounds into the da** thing.


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Jun 26, 2015
Concord, CA
I use the Aquabot Rover Jr and personally love it. I had to find one that didn't connect to a filter since the intex pump/filter that came with my pool is not strong enough to support a cleaner. So this has to be plugged in and is a little clunky, but cleans well for me. The cons: I have had it not turn on two or 3 times in the 2 years that I have owned it but I unplugged everything and let it sit, and for some reason when I tried it the next day it worked again. It's not super speedy, it takes a few hours to run a cycle. There is a long cord that you have to deal with and it gets a little set in its way, kinked maybe would be the proper term, from the cleaner turning in circles. I try and remember to move the pin on the wheels every time so it will circle back the other way and unkink itself.

Word of advice - take Dave out of the pool before you shoot him. Otherwise you will have a lot of holes to patch.

From a run earlier this week



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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
I can clean my 16x32 AGP in 30 minutes total easy from start to cleaning the bags with just my Pool Blaster Max on a regular pool pole with leaves and sticks and such dipped out first. It's just too easy to use!