Greetings from Michigan


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Aug 1, 2020
Bloomfield MI
9 years ago during the real estate meltdown, we bought this house in Bloomfield MI with a nice sized pool which I estimated at 25000 gallons.

I've browsed the site over the years and bought a TF-100 kit last year.

A month ago we put the pool through some major upgrades.

New Gunite & Plaster, new tiles and capstones, plus a Raypak heater (I never even attempted trying the old one from the early 90s) and an IC-40 Salt Water Generator. Pool looks beautiful now.

Today being a month since the Gunite is the first day for the SWG. So I came to read about why pool salt was so expensive pool, instead ended buying from Lowes a 1000 lbs @ $6.10 bag of Morton Pure and Natural Softener Crystals. Happy so far.

Interestingly the math geek in me notes the first 10 bags gave a salinity of 2000ppm so if my calculations are right my pool is actually 24000 gallons but of course I don't know if it started at zero ppm.

I'll know after the next five bags disolve.




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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Kelley and welcome !! If the fresh fill was that recent, there would be hardly any salt in the water from the normal liquid chlorine process. A couple years in you could have been 1000 to 1500 ppm, but not 1 month. You may be right with both the 24k and 25k guesses. 25k could be full to the brim and 24k could be actual water height. Nobody ever accounts for the actual fluctuating water height. They just call it 25k. Its one of several reasons why it's so easy to overshoot target levels. Always stop early. Like you did and then approach slowly. Good job.
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