Gotta have shade! Show off those umbrellas


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Apr 29, 2010
Buckeye, AZ 85326
We wish like heck we would have had umbrella sleeves installed in our decking. We have zero shade until about 4:30ish even then it just starts to creep onto the baja shelf. We found this umbrella at Walmart, it helps a lil bit. I would like to see some of your creative shade ideas.



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Apr 28, 2010
Allen, TX
Ohhh, I wish I had a pic of our old setup - we had two of those 12' market umbrellas from Sam's club that they had several years ago that were about $100 each and two 9' umbrellas from somewhere and 4 stands - we just shifted them around during the day.....unfortunately years of abuse and being left open when a sudden thunderstorm would blow up was the end of them....

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
Tucson, AZ
Waited to post this til we got our big one. This is in the morning so the shade is in the wrong place, but it shades the right side of the pool in the afternoon.[attachment=0:35vr6bmt]DSCN1338small.jpg[/attachment:35vr6bmt]



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Feb 14, 2010
Flower Mound, TX
We have a similar situation. No shade between 10:00 and about 5:30. I sunk 3 pieces of PVC in concrete behind the raised beam on the west side of the pool to serve as umbrella sleeves. The majority of the pool is now shaded in the afternoon.



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Mar 1, 2012
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Melt In The Sun said:
Waited to post this til we got our big one. This is in the morning so the shade is in the wrong place, but it shades the right side of the pool in the afternoon.[attachment=0:1iib7ser]DSCN1338small.jpg[/attachment:1iib7ser]
What umbrella is that? Linky?


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
Our umbrella came with the summer kitchen however we cannot use it there so I bought a cheap stand from Home Depot and we have found the perfect place for it. The pool gets shade from 12 noon and it shades even more as it sets in the west. BTW I upgraded the cheap stand as it will rust and stain your patio. I purchased the rolling one from Lowe's made of Marble/Granite and it works great. This pic shows the older stand. Hope this helps :cheers: :cheers:



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May 4, 2011
I was just thinking that we need to get an umbrella! This weekend was perfect and we managed to swim for about 4 hours over the two days. I doubt we will have weather that nice again until June. Good time for umbrella shopping.

I love the brown one that Melt has, but I'm sure that's out of my price range for now.

It might be a bad way of doing things but I will probably buy one of the cheaper ones to start with, ~$100 or so. I just noticed on amazon they have an umbrella cover for $23. I didn't consider it until now, but that might not be a bad idea if we're only using it a few hours per day.
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