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Apr 21, 2016
:p I'm new to this forum and would like to give you some info on my pool. I have a year old above ground 15x30x 54 " depth. 2 HP pump and a cartridge filter system. I have used Pristine Blue since starting pool. No issues there. I use a Polaris 65 sweep for cleaning. I live in Central Florida and no tree shade for pool. Temp in summer 88 - 92 degrees. My question today is , How often should you have to add water before you consider having a possible leak ? Thank you for any info in my climate.

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Welcome! :wave: It would also be helpful if you would please add your pool info to your signature by going to the top of the TFP web page (just under the Pool School button) and select "SETTINGS". On the next page look to the left for a menu bar that says, “MY SETTINGS” and go to "EDIT SIGNATURE" to enter your pool and equipment info there. It will help us later. This link may also help you: Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Water loss depends on temperature, humidity, and wind. Where I live, the hot dry Santa Ana winds can strip half an inch out of my pool in a day. I suspect low humidity is not a problem in Florida, but winds could be. A bucket test will tell.


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Apr 1, 2007
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It's a little dry in Florida now so as much as a half inch daily evaporation might be expected but certainly no more than that. 1/4 inch is pretty normal