Goals for SWG - should I focus on CS Index?


Mar 9, 2008
Peachtree City, GA
I'm developing a feel for how my pool changes over the week, and would like to set appropriate targets for my numbers. My desire is to pick targets on one end the range, such that over the course of a week, the water will move to the other end of their acceptable ranges.

My pool: SWG, 35000 gall, good aeration (jacuzzi with spillover into the pool as part of normal filter process), pebbletec finish.

I read the stickies on "water balance tips for SWG" and other stickies, and based on my experience with the pool (almost a year), I'm thinking:


FC 4
pH 7.6
TA 80
CH 300
CYA 70

However, when I plug this into the pool calculator, my CSI calcuates at -0.21.

As long as the CSI is within the range should I worry? OR, should I pick new targets so that the CSI for the targets calculates out at 0.0

(also, what is a good target for CH?) A good range is 200-400, but I'm not sure of a good target given my FC, PH and TA targets.



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May 7, 2007
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I would raise your CH to 400 and lower TA a little, to 60 or 70 depending on the rate of PH drift (lower TA reduces PH drift).

I wouldn't worry much about CSI as long as it stays between -0.6 and +0.6. Your PH will tend to rise, so your CSI is unlikely to get any lower on it's own, so you should be fine around -0.3.