General Pool operating questions


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Jun 3, 2015
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1. Aeration will raise your pH. Point them so they move the water and provide adequate circulation. In my AGP I point my return down and to the side to create a nice swirling motion in the pool.
2. That's up to you and the pool. I run mine during the day as I have solar, and I avoid running at night to minimize heat losses.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Yes. :mrgreen:

I know, no help at all. Aiming jets is more art than science. If you're trying to raise the pH, point jets up. Otherwise, aim them to get good circulation so any floating debris gets pushed to the skimmer. If you discover temperature stratification when you jump in, that means you need to improve circulation down deep, which means crack the main drain, if equipped, or angle a jet down.

Run the filter whenever suits you best. Cheaper is always better. The only caveat is that you want it running a while before you take a sample, and also after you add any chemicals. If your only time to tend to the pool is after work, you'll need it to run a least an hour during the evening. You might be surprised at how little your pump will actually need to run to keep the water clear. Check out Pool School - Determine Pump Run Time


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Jan 17, 2012
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No reason not to, or to.... its just personal preference. I like to have it running for continuous skimming action but the pump noise is annoying. So it depends on my mood

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Jul 12, 2013
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1. Pool jets - up for aeration or sideways for pool circulation or downward?
2. Filter operation times - save money run at night or run during the day? (allegedly the electric co charges less off peak hours)

I'm in NY and I have PSEG as my electric. Unless you actually sign up for the peak/off peak with them, you're electric costs the same. Not sure if you are PSEG but check out this link

PSEG's Residential Electric Rates