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Feb 26, 2017
Surprise, arizona
Hi! I am just starting with TFP after wasting too much money at Leslie's on too many chemicals that led to my CYA skyrocketing. After 6 months of trying to lower the pH, keep FC in the pool to no success, I drained and refilled the pool. My levels are all off now and I'm not sure if I need to add one at a time or if I can just do it all at once.

FC 0
pH 8.2
TA 80
CH 140
CYA 0 (well there was no more room in the test tube to keep testing)

I've been adding 99% trichlor to try to add cya and FC but it's cool here so there is no effect. And I will add muriatic acid which will lower temporarily but then it raises back up. Any suggestions?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Are you using any fountains or other water features that enter the pool with a bit of "splash"? Those will cause a continuing rise in pH. If possible limit their use to just a few times a day (to make sure chlorinated water flushes thru them) and see if that doesn't help your pH rise slow down.

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