Flow sensor problems


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Jun 26, 2014
Ok so i just realized when my pump is off (which normally isn’t ever off) my Hayward Aquarite Goldline saltwater system doesn’t show no flow. I unplugged the sensor and it says no flow. Does this mean my sensor is bad or can these things get stuck open? Thank You all for any input on this problem.


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Jun 24, 2011
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They do go bad and get stuck open which can lead to many issues if there isn't water flowing through the cell including explosions. If you run the pump 24/7 then you are somewhat safer than if the pump turns off for any amount of time. It is recommended to always have the SWG on a timer that shuts it off when the pump is off.

You can test the flow circuit by using an old phone cord. If you plug it in it should say no flow and if you strip the other end and connect the wires together it should say show flow. If this works then you need a new flow switch.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Not to be picky, but if the flow light does not go off, the sensor is stuck "closed" If it were always open the cell would never work.

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