Fixing DIY Pool Fence - Backfilling 5/8 Holes


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Apr 23, 2021
Hello all,

I have half of a DIY Safety Fence installed correct. The other half, around 20-25 ft was leaning left - towards the end. Family friend attempted to install and I'd rather take care of it myself, I'm also going to add the gate. The reason for the DIY Fence and gate are for keeping our 6 dogs from around the pool in order to keep it cleaner, one likes to swim too often daily.

I got the 5/8 plastic sleeves out and ordered new ones, a few of them had to be drilled through in order to get the holes clean as they stuck. I sprayed them with the hose and I plan to fill the bottoms with a bit of Great Stuff foam spray as they're 4" deep and drilled through the deck into the dirt.

I have hydraulic cement, but I'm wondering if regular cement would be best? There was also a couple of extra holes drilled than needed to be drilled so I just want to start over on the one bad side. Would hydraulic cement be best for the backfill and redrill?

Hopefully someone here has ran into this kind of issue on a diy fence. Thank you for your time.
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