first water test results--ancient pool


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Jun 3, 2010
Hi All,

Yesterday I got the filter hooked up and the pump running--all is well so far. This morning I took the first water test, using the TF-100 kit. Here are my results (11,500 gallon pool):

FC: 1
CC: .5
TC: .5
pH: 7.5
T/A: 120
CH: 210
CYA: 0
Temp: 78F

If I'm right, I need to get the CYA up to a decent level (30-50), using some stabilizer. Then I can get the FC up to a proper level using good old bleach. I don't quite understand why the TC reading doesn't match a FC + CC sum.

In any case, I'm off to find stabilizer, and will check back here later in the day.

all best wishes,


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Feb 23, 2008
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Your TC is exactly that, the sum of your FC and CC. Therefore, your TC is 1.5.

Yes, other than your FC and CYA being low, it looks pretty good. Get those up and you'll be good to go.


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My guess is you used the OTO chlorine test (it's in the blue plastic box) to test for TC.

That is what it tests (TC) but it is very innaccurate.

Rather than using it to test for an exact number, most folks use it simply to test for the presence of chlorine on a daily basis and then use the much more precise FAS/DPD Test to test for FC and CC which yields a result of TC


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Jun 3, 2010
Okay--late in the day here (7:00 pm CST), and after adding 42 oz of stabilizer and 95 oz of bleach, I'm at somewhere like 5 ppm on chlorine and at 40 on the CYA. The pH has dropped considerably, but I'll attend to that tomorrow.

I also have some air in the pump strainer: silicone gasket grease on the o-ring helped, but there's enough air leaking in on the suction side--somewhere--to make pressure in the filter quite low (hovering around 6 psi), and produce a stream of v small bubbles in the return. I'll go over the PVC fittings tomorrow.


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