First vaccum of the season.....opening


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Sep 2, 2016
This is technically my first opening. My first pool season was with fresh water. So far I opened the pool and got eveythring running but now im vaccuming to waste and its I cant last more then 5 minutes until the pump basket is clogged with debris. Then when i clean the basket its another 10 minutes until its primed and running again. Is this the life of opening a pool or am i missing a step here?

Side notes- algae on the bottom seems very stringy

yes pool was propeley closed with a security cover.

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Nick, a lot of what happens each spring is dependent upon how the pool was closed, to include the weather conditions in that area. First thing we need to know .... what do you have to work with? Your signature at the bottom of your post is blank (except for your name), so we need to know everything about your pool to include how you test your water (see my sig as an example). Also tell us how you chlorinate. Can you post a full set of test results as well?

Yes, that algae can be a mess and stringy is very true. The best thing you can do in the beginning is manually sweep/brush/rake that stuff out. The more you do now the better. Eventually you'll get the upper hand, but you have to break it up. Have you started a SLAM yet (link below)? Let's start with those questions and we should have a better understanding of what to help you with next.