First time pool owner with alot to learn

Jul 9, 2007
I need some questions answered. I've been reading this forum and have learned alot. My test results are
FC - 0
TA - 180
Stab- 30-50

I'm thinking I need to reduce the PH and I plan on using the BBB method but for now I just have the kit that was sent with my pool. So I have PH reducer and just put the amount in per instruction on product. We have the 3" tablets that says to put in the skimmer basket and I have a 30' round pool (approx. 21,000 gallons) so I need 2 of the tablets. Also, on the skimmer basket, do I need to remove the vac plate when I'm not vacuming, someone told me to just leave it and turn it upside down but when I do that the tablets won't fit. I know alot of these question may be pretty simple, but we got the pool and installed everything ourselves.


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May 25, 2007
Tina, welcome to pool ownership :)

For now, you need some chlorine, asap. You do NOT want an algae bloom. Trust me. If you have clear water now, you want to keep it that way and keep ahead of it, to have a trouble free pool :)

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about your PH immediately. It's at the upper end of the recommended range, but that's not near the problem that low PH is. Plus, the trichlor pucks you have are acidic, and will reduce the PH over time.

You need some FC. Put your pucks in the skimmer, take the vac plate off when not using it until you get better advice (I have an IG pool). I'd also pour in a gallon of 6% unscented bleach asap. You don't list a test result for stabilizer, or CYA, which helps hold the chlorine in the water and prevents it from being burned off by the sun. I'd pour bleach in now, then add it at night until your test shows you have a good FC count, as the pucks take time to dissolve and introduce chlorine into the water.

I'm assuming you've not added ANY stabilizer to the water. The pucks will add stabilizer over time. The problem with using them long term is they can add too much stabilizer which causes problems, and they are acidic which can cause PH too go to low. For now though, assuming you haven't added stabilizer, they will work in your favor.

Good luck, and I'm sure others will be along soon to add more info :)


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Apr 1, 2007
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Rangeball has pretty well got you covered. I would remphasize YOU NEED SOME CHLORINE! I'd put 3 gallons of 6% in there now and be prepared to add some more tomorrow if your level is below 3ppm.

I cannot overemphasize how frequently people get caught up in the details of fine tuning their water and forget that it's chlorine that you need to keep in your pool. Understand that it is a consumable and you will need to replenish chlorine constantly.

Your other parameters can be adjusted later....there's nothing there that's completely out of whack. Get some chlorine in your pool. (Did I emphasize that enough? :lol: )

I think Rangeball overlooked your stabilizer reading. 30-50 is fine for now.


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
I agree with frustratedpoolmom, I think Stab is CYA and 30-50 is just fine.

You do need to get the chlorine level up right away. Two tablets in the skimmer should do that for now, but check again in several hours and see if it is working. Longer term you may want to switch to using bleach, since long term the tablets add things that you don't want in your water. Now would be a good time to read more about the BBB method of pool care, see The Stickies section of this site, particuarly the first one BBB and basic chemistry.


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May 25, 2007
I completely missed the "Stab" result. I agree, you're fine. Using the tabs at this point will only add more, and could lead to issues down the road.

90% of BBB is bleach. The other 2 Bs are situational, and not typically used everyday.

Get your FC up to 3.5-5.75 (depending on if you have 30 or 50 ppm of Stab :) ) and keep it there, first and foremost.

When you have that done, you can then work on bringing your PH and Alk down with acid and aeration. Your highish Alk will probably cause PH too drift up, but that can be dealt with down the road.

Right now, just keep the algae away :)

Oh, and consider ditching the guess strips. They aren't very accurate. Better would be the 6 way drop test kit from Walmart. Best would be the trouble free test kit from dave :)