First TF100 Tests


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Jul 10, 2018
So I just got my digital salinity meter in the mail today... so in love :) You don’t have to test as much as PH of course, but Anything I can make digital is great.
Also added about 40 gallons to the tub because it got low, and the salinity tested 2600-2700. so perfect according to the manual.
Also in a strange space buried in the manual was “adjust chlorine amount by adding more salt”. So clearly my SWG does not kick on at 2300-2400, but somewhere north of there probably 2500-2600. Happy that’s taken care of...
Now this dang CC issue.
My shock level for myCYA is like 12ppm, but that did nothing last time... should I just shock to 20 and be done with it? Haha.. how long would that take to be swimmable?


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Apr 21, 2017
Greenlawn, NY
What you need to do is slam

There's a detailed write up in pool school.

But the basics are to test often and keep the fc up to slam levels until you pass an overnight chlorine loss test