First easy opening for me


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Aug 17, 2014
NW Ohio
Well this is my 3rd year opening. First two weren't so good, this one was smooth sailing. I think the key for me was two things, one I let the pool water stay normal. I used the skimmer plastic lids & gizmo. Previous years I drained a foot or two and by the time I opened the liner was floating. Second item, I bought a loop loc cover last fall. That thing is a awesome. We get a lot of wind here and the loop loc cover stood up well. We also had almost 2 straight weeks of zero degree temps.
I vacuumed, took almost entire day - shocked her with 3 gals of 12.5,, then ran the robot vac a few times and the water and bottom are crystal clear.
Now I have the CYA right,, and PH is also on target (3.99/gal muratic acid at Menards), that stuff does wonders on high PH