Final SLAM of the Season High CYA


Apr 19, 2020
Las vegas
So I'm coming near the end of the pool season and depending on weather going to be taking down my seasonal above ground probably in the next 2-3 weeks. I still have some algae in the pool and I am debating about whether to do one last SLAM or just tear down the pool. My SWG stopped working towards the end of this season so I'm stuck with a high CYA and I am now using liquid chorine for the remainder. My questions are

1.) Is it impractical for me to go ahead and SLAM with the following numbers? I don't want to empty or exchange the water, cause then I would rather just tear down the pool.
2.) I would need to bring FC to 31, at such a high FC level is it safe for children to swim in when the algae is gone?

FC 6
CC < 0.5
pH 7.6
CYA 80

Also thanks to everyone for the help this 1st season, It was a small, first time pool but this site really helped me through my first. Looking forward to upgraded pools in the future


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
It is safe to swim if you remain at or under the SLAM value for your CYA which is 31 as you stated. . Follow the SLAM process by bringing down the pH first. It is best to use Liquid Chlorine for a SLAM so you are good there. One thing about FC, it does dissipate in the sun so it will not remain high for long after you complete the SLAM.
Being in Nevada, I assume you have a month or more left on your swim season so it may be applicable to get rid of the algae now. Also, you probably don't want to tear down your pool knowing you have algae in it as you will need to clean it regardless, so why not do it under a controlled process and enjoy the pool for remainder of season.

Hope you can get your SWG working for the future.

Something that would be helpful to the TFP Guides - on your app, click on the Gear Icon (upper right). this is where you entered your pool info and denote what you wish to track and also what reminders you wish to see. Scroll to almost to the bottom, where it says "Sharing". If you activate the button for "Link from user profile" - then your test data that you input to the app will be available when someone clicks on your avatar name. This will assist in looking at all your data as you go through the SLAM. This is not mandatory but it does help the TFP Guides to be able see all test info if you have a question.
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