Fiberglass Pool Proposal in TX - Feedback Requested


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May 29, 2020
San Antonio, TX
I have spoken with 4 pool builders and am strongly considering a Fiber Glass pool with SWG. My home is on a green belt that is full of mature oak trees, and the pool will be located between 2 large oaks in our backyard.

General Specs:
Pool Size:
31'L x 15'W with a lounger/tanning ledge
Pool Depth: 4'-6'4"
Gallons: Approximately 13,500
Bench: 2 in deep end with walkout steps, 2 in middle of pool, 1 near stairs.

Waterline Tile: Our choice of tile (wide selection)
Decking: textured concrete (will apply same finish to existing 418sf covered patio)
Coping: Travertine, but we may upgrade to marble as we won't have to seal it like travertine - interested in feedback on this.

EZ Touch Automation
Sanitation: Intellichlor salt system IC40
Pump: Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump (3hp)
Filter: Pentair 520 Quad Cartridge Filter (went large due to oak trees)
Cleaner: Pentair Rebel is included, but I can upgrade to Prowler 830 for $500 more.
Heater: 140,000 BTU Electric Heat Pump - we are going electric as running a gas line from the opposite side of the property is cost prohibitive. Running electrical is only $1,750 (gas was over $10,000). We also plan to use the pool as close to year round as possible, so the Heat Pump makes more sense, especially with no spa.

Water Features & Lighting:
2 Color Changing LED lights (need to get model number)
Water Features: We are choosing to go with no bubblers or waterfalls - I personally don't like the noise or being splashed while lounging.
Pool will include Dewatering System, 3 x Circulations Returns, Diverter Valve at Pump for waste out, 1 Skimmer.

Rock excavation, relocating electrical, extra decking and resurfacing existing patio, and adding stairs will bring the total to approximately $72,000.

We will definitely have rock in our backyard, so they are charging $1,200/day for Rock excavation capped at $3,500. Due to the slope of our yard they are adding a turndown beam for $1,100. We are also having them add stairs down from existing covered patio, and having that concrete textured and painted to match the pool decking. Backfill and Sub-base will be gravel, not sand.

After interviewing 4 pool builders, I really like the one this quote is from. My only hang up is the payment schedule. What do you all think of this:
14% due at Contracting/Shell Order
15% due at Approval of Pool drawings
35% due 10 Days prior to Pool Set
35% due at Pre-Decking Pour
1% due at Project Completion.
Pool builder explained this is because it is a FiberGlass pool, so the schedule is completely different on Gunite build.

Thank you all for reading. I appreciate any and all guidance and feedback you can give. I'm ready to sign as early as tomorrow if everything looks good.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Looks pretty good.

Does the pre-decking pour include the concrete collar for the pool?

I would not want to be 99% paid before the concrete collar is poured and the pool is demonstrated to be level and stable in the ground with no bulges. I want at least 20% held back until that milestone is demonstrated.

Here is an article to read with some links to other interesting FG pool builds - Fiberglass Pools - Further Reading